Omron Announces Odecopack as Certified Systems Integrator Partner

February 5, 2024

Omron Announces ODECOPACK as Certified Systems Integrator Partner

Omron Automation Americas, one of the industry-leading automation solutions provides, welcomes new partner Odecopack, a full-solution provide for end of line production needs

Omron Automation Americas recently announced Odecopack as a new partner in the Omron Certified System Integrator Program. Based in Cali, Colombia, with new facilities in Houston, Texas, Odecopack has been providing automation equipment for the end of line processes, with the highest quality standards and cutting-edge technology to add value to customer’s operations.

Odecopack has been collaborating with Omron in developing machines and systems for end users for many years. They specialize in end-of-line solutions including automatic case packing and cartesian palletizing machines, using Omron multi-axis Sysmac Automation controller with 1S servos and NA HMI all in a safety packaged machine.

About the Omron Certified System Integrator program

The Omron Certified Systems Integrator program matches best-in-class solution providers with the technology, training, and resources required to deliver innovative and competitive solutions. With the rapid growth in automation technologies, manufacturers and business partners strive to deliver open and secure Industry 4.0 solutions that support flexible manufacturing and deliver a competitive advantage. The combined strength of this relationship solves customer challenges today while enabling more efficient, fully integrated systems that will successfully weather future demands.

For Omron, system integrators play a critical role in designing and delivering fully integrated automation solutions. They also possess industry and application expertise in implementing the latest technologies from Omron and in providing turnkey system solutions.

About Odecopack

Since nearly a decade ago Odecopack, with a history of 30 years in engineering solutions for processing and packaging lines, decided to specialize in end-of-line processes, as a participant and researcher of advanced machinery and technology developments. Today with its main subsidiary and production site in Colombia and an Office in the USA Odecopack is expanding its territories and capabilities to serve the industry.

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About Omron Automation

Omron Automation is an industrial automation partner that creates, sells, and services fully integrated automation solutions that include sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics, and more. Established in 1933, Omron’s 30,000 employees help businesses solve problems with creativity in more than 110 countries.

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