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New Operation Element PIT oe ETH with Activatable Ethernet Port Can Be Used for Security – Secure and Flexible Operation

April 9, 2024

New Operation Element PIT oe ETH with Activatable Ethernet Port Can Be Used for Security – Secure and Flexible Operation

Pilz adds the operation element PIT oe ETH to its portfolio of control and signal devices

Pilz adds the operation element PIT oe ETH to its portfolio of control and signal devices. PIT oe ETH has an activatable Ethernet port, thus protecting freely accessible industrial Ethernet interfaces from improper access. As such the compact operation element provides greater Security. As an industrial Ethernet interface it can act like a firewall, not only protecting network connections from unauthorized access externally, but also from direct access to human machine interfaces and control data internally.

On plant and machinery, PIT oe ETH protects the network, and therefore know-how and investment. The new activatable and de-activatable Ethernet interface gives users the opportunity to protect their network fully: it is possible to control and trace individually and securely who has access to sensitive machine data when, and how. Production security is increased as a result.

Active/activated operation protection guards against improper access

Because in combination with the reader unit PITreader from Pilz, the Ethernet interface can only be activated with the relevant permission. In other words, only authorized persons have permission to use these interfaces temporarily. To create new configurations, programs or backup copies, for example. Thanks to 24 V standard inputs, also available with 5 V, they are flexible and can be activated via any control output. This enables users to have full data flow control over their networks.

Meets all normative specifications

The new operation element PIT oe ETH meets the safety requirements of machine manufacturers and operators alike: The Machinery Regulation is making security measures mandatory for machine manufacturers from January 2027 at the latest. For machine operators in Germany, the technical rules for operational safety TRBS 1115 already apply as an extension to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, which requires unnecessary hardware interfaces to be deactivated or blocked, and unauthorized communication connections to be shut down. So PIT oe ETH helps with the implementation of the legal and normative specifications, which ultimately protects investment and minimizes costs.

Installation made simple

The compact operation elements are intended for 22.5 mm diameter mounting cutouts in accordance with EN 60947- 5-1, with anti-rotation protection. As a result, they fit seamlessly into the plant and machine design. The operation elements PIT oe 4S and PIT oe USB from the PIToe product range are also available to users: with the operation element PIT oe 4S, digital inputs and outputs can be switched and displayed, the operating mode for example.

PIT oe USB has an activatable USB interface for plant and machinery, enabling programs to be imported without manipulation, for example. As such the compact operation elements have advantages when it comes to installing or retrofitting them into consoles, control panels or command panels. In conjunction with the access permission system PITreader, both provide secure assess management.

Pilz – The Spirit of Safety

Pilz is a global supplier of products, systems and services for automation technology. As a pioneer of safe automation, Pilz creates safety for human, machine and environment. Founded in 1948, today the family business with its head office in Ostfildern is represented worldwide with 2500 employees in 42 subsidiaries and branches. The technology leader offers complete automation solutions for Safety and Industrial Security on the machine. These include sensor, control and drive technology – as well as systems for industrial communication, diagnostics and visualisation. An international range of services with consulting, engineering and training completes the portfolio. Pilz solutions are used in many industries beyond mechanical engineering, such as intralogistics, packaging, railway technology, or the robotics sector for example.


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