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DCS MC IO Link Master Modules and Hib from AUtomation Direct 1 400

May 25, 2022


IO-Link is a powerful field I/O protocol capable of handling traditional field I/O along with diagnostic data from intelligent field devices including device health, configured parameters, and performance.

IO-Link master modules are the interface between field devices and higher-level controllers/information systems, and they also control data traffic between the connected devices. Two IO-Link master modules are now available that convert IO-Link signals to/from EtherNet/IP, OPC UA, and MQTT.

  • The STRIDE IO-Link master will convert IO-Link data to EtherNet/IP messages (and vice-versa) so you can easily gain better insight into system performance using a well-established fieldbus protocol
  • The Murrelektronik Premium master module provides the same advantages as the lower-cost STRIDE version, with the added capabilities of OPC and MQTT

IO-Link hubs are also available with up to 16 multifunctional DIO channels that allow standard sensors and actuators to connect to an IO-Link master using a single cable. IO-Link hubs provide an economical solution for a highly decentralized installation.

A variety of IO-Link capable photoelectric and proximity sensors are available that provide signal data as well as internal diagnostics for better insight into sensor performance. IO-Link master modules will also work with any 3rd party IO-Link-capable sensor/actuator.

IO-Link master modules start at $290.00 and hubs start at $180.00 , with a 2-year warranty provided for both. IO-Link enabled sensors start at $15.50 with select models offering a limited lifetime warranty. IO-Link master modules, hubs, and their connected sensors/actuators are easily integrated with Productivity PLCs using task libraries available in the Productivity Suite programming software.

DCS MC IO Link Master Modules and Hib from AUtomation Direct 2 400




To learn more about he IO-Link Master Modules from AutomationDirect, download the Product Overview by clicking here, or visit the Product Page by clicking here 



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