Schmalz at Hanover Fair Digital Edition: Stream of New Products in Livestream


March 17, 2021

Bytes instead of trucks. The Hanover Fair Digital Edition 2021 creates a platform for innovations and networking. Schmalz is following the digital path and will show new grippers, compact ejectors and a small vacuum monitor from April 12 to 16. Manual handling is also going digital.

There’s a lot going on in Glatten. Even if there are no trade show suitcases to pack, J. Schmalz GmbH is in the midst of preparations for one of the biggest trade show events of the year – the Hanover Fair Digital Edition 2021. When the world’s leading trade show for industry opens its digital doors on April 12, the vacuum specialist will be there with live demonstrations, video chats and many innovations. Clicking on the virtual trade fair presentation shows new grippers and compact ejectors. Manual handling launches the digital product file and a new, ergonomic operating concept for vacuum lifters.

Everything for the lightweight robot

Lightweight, flat and modular. With the new PXT gripper construction kit, users can assemble a system for their lightweight robots themselves. The finished gripper can carry up to 25 kilograms and can be used across all industries. Be it to place yogurt cups in crates, to remove injection molded parts from the mold or to palletize cardboard boxes.

The ready-to-connect SBPG bin picker has proven itself for automated “reaching into the crate”. It works optionally in combination with a 3D camera system that enables visual part recognition. Weighing only a few hundred grams, the Bin-Picker reliably retrieves workpieces from the bin – regardless of whether they are deposited chaotically or pre-sorted. The SBPG can definitely get into every corner and onto the bottom of deeper boxes when combined with the optional swivel module. It increases the robot’s reach.

Another innovation is the OFG finger gripper in hygienic design. It grips gently and positively and thus transports sensitive foodstuffs such as donuts or fruit and vegetables safely and intact into their packaging. In addition to pick-and-place applications in the food industry, the gripper with its four silicone fingers is also an ideal assembly aid. A centrally placed vacuum suction pad can increase gripping force and stability during transfer if required.

Vacuum generation for any need

Schmalz knows several ways to generate vacuum exactly where it is needed. The advantages of pneumatic ejectors are short cycle times and their low weight. This also applies to the RECB vacuum generator. Despite its compact height, it is extremely powerful. It is mounted directly on the robot and receives its control commands via the digital robot outputs. Communication takes place via IO-Link.

For fully automated parts handling on robot arms or linear axes, even in dirty environments, Schmalz has developed the SCPS-UHV-HD compact ejector. The vacuum experts have maximized the holding force with a special nozzle technology – the SCPS-UHV-HD achieves an increased vacuum level of -910 millibars. Due to its tolerance to dust and chips, it also reliably generates the vacuum for clamping systems in machining centers.

Innovations in ergonomic vacuum handling

In the area of manual handling, Schmalz presents the new operating unit for the Comfort variant of the VacuMaster. The clear, ergonomic design enables intuitive operation of the VacuMaster and reduces the effort required when moving and handling bulky, heavy goods.

Digital services are now also available for manual handling: Identification tags on vacuum lifters and crane systems can be read via QR code or NFC (Near Field Communication) with a smartphone. The scan immediately opens the digital product file in the Schmalz ControlRoom app. It provides the user with all device-specific information as well as relevant service and contact data directly at hand.


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