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Siemens Selected for Multi-Phase Decarbonization Program at HEINEKEN Production Sites

January 22, 2024

Siemens Selected for Multi-Phase Decarbonization Program at HEINEKEN Production Sites
Matthias Rebellius, Managing Board Member of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure; Dolf van den Brink, HEINEKEN CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Decarbonization program targets significant energy savings and 50 percent CO2 reduction at over 15 HEINEKEN breweries and malt houses worldwide by 2025
  • Supports HEINEKEN’s global Net Zero Production roadmap, which aims to reach net zero in Scope 1 and 2 by 2030 and net zero across the full value chain by 2040
  • Five-year performance and monitoring service contract from Siemens to ensure ongoing project optimization
  • Scalable solution designed using an energy digital twin will optimize heating and cooling requirements in production and packaging processes

HEINEKEN, among the world’s most international brewers, has selected Siemens as a partner for its global Net Zero Production roadmap, as part of HEINEKEN’s ambitions to reach net zero in Scopes 1 and 2 across all production sites by 2030.*

Siemens and HEINEKEN will work together on a long-term decarbonization program which will see Siemens implementing solutions and services from its Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, to reduce energy usage at more than 15 HEINEKEN beer and malt production sites, spanning facilities across Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Additional sites will be added in a second phase.  

HEINEKEN and Siemens collaborated on an initial project of consulting, auditing, and advisory services, using an energy digital twin to simulate and analyze a typical HEINEKEN brewery in the virtual world, identifying where significant energy savings could be made. The simulation showed approximately 70 percent of energy use was linked to the generation of heating and cooling necessary for the brewing process. By optimizing and monitoring these cooling and heating systems through an end-to-end program, Siemens estimates energy savings of between 15-20 percent at each site, and an average CO2 reduction of 50 percent at each site. 

Dolf van den Brink, HEINEKEN CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, said: “As we continue to focus on the delivery of our journey to reach net zero in Scope 1 and 2, we know that we must make many bold and ambitious moves to decarbonize our global operations. Undertaking these challenges with partners like Siemens allows us to bring in technical expertise and industry knowledge to innovate quickly and at scale. We are excited to continue on this journey with partners who are committed to pioneer and localize next-generation solutions, to help us reach our net zero goals.”

Dolf van den Brink, HEINEKEN CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board

To achieve targeted reductions in energy usage and CO2, Siemens will deploy an end-to-end program of solutions and services which are scalable and replicable across HEINEKEN’s global production sites. Using operational data in combination with the energy digital twin at each site, Siemens will design, engineer and implement a system to electrify the production of heat and cooling using heat pumps powered by renewable energy, reducing reliance on steam generated by fossil fuels. The system will be monitored, controlled and optimized using Siemens Cooling Plant Optimization algorithms, which uses built-in analytics to analyze data from the plant to reduce energy costs and ensure operational efficiency. 

“We’re proud to be a partner to HEINEKEN’s Net Zero roadmap; an ambitious journey to reach net zero by 2040,” said Matthias Rebellius, Managing Board Member of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure. “Working with HEINEKEN as a partner in this way demonstrates a thoroughly modern approach to data-driven decarbonization. By collaborating on an end-to-end program, we’re able to combine hardware, software and analytics to predict and deliver the long-term results which are now crucial to every industry.”

Matthias Rebellius, Managing Board Member of Siemens AG and CEO of Smart Infrastructure

As part of the long-term partnership agreement, Siemens will also deliver a five-year performance and monitoring contract, connecting the breweries to Siemens systems which use data services to remotely monitor the production sites, ensuring the best solution is operated at all times. 

From barley to bar, HEINEKEN continues to focus on concrete actions to reduce its carbon emissions, working closely with customers, consumers, and suppliers. At the end of 2022, HEINEKEN had already reduced total carbon emissions on Scopes 1 and 2 by 18 percent since 2018. To achieve this, in 2022 it increased its renewable electricity consumption to 58 percent and is currently investing in renewable heat solutions for its breweries. 

In 2023 HEINEKEN’s net zero and FLAG (Forest, Land and Agriculture)* targets were approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), becoming the first global brewer to pass this sustainability milestone. For complete details on HEINEKEN’s science-based targets, see SBTi’s website.


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