PULS Acquires Start-Up Wiferion

November 16, 2023

PULS Acquires Start-Up Wiferion

Wireless charging specialist Wiferion becomes our new business unit PULS Wireless. Wiferion’s customers will benefit from our engineering resources and global presence in production and application support.

PULS has always been at the forefront of innovation in power supply technology. Recently, we have taken the unique opportunity to expand our business with a new technology, which is promising for many of our customers: wireless charging of autonomous guided vehicles and mobile robots.
On 1 October 2023, PULS finalised the acquisition of Wiferion and their wireless charging business and technology. Wiferion becomes our new business unit PULS Wireless, with an operational team in Freiburg (Germany). 

This new wireless charging technology will provide unprecedented fleet efficiency, and is maintenance-free, reliable and flexible. It will become an integral part of any automated production, helping companies to increase productivity while reducing their day-to-day costs.

By adding Wiferion’s technology to the already extensive PULS portfolio, we will be able to offer future-proof solutions to the manufacturing and intralogistics industries with our FIEPOS (Field Power Supply) and inductive charging systems which will revolutionise these markets.

PULS Acquires Start-Up Wiferion

“As a pioneer, Wiferion has successfully developed inductive charging to maximise the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as autonomous guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots and forklifts, and thereby gained the leading market position. With the additional capabilities of PULS, we want to make this system the global market standard and will invest significantly,” says Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director and owner of PULS GmbH.

Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director and owner of PULS GmbH

“PULS employs more than 100 of the best developers in the industry and has global production and sales locations that take our charging technology and scalability to a new level,” enthuses Julian Seume, former CSO of Wiferion, who together with Matthieu Ebert forms the management team of the PULS Wireless Business Unit. “Especially in the area of new product development and application support, we are now in a much stronger position and can offer our customers an even better service.”

Julian Seume, former CSO of Wiferion

About Wiferion

Wiferion is the leading provider of mobile, wireless power solutions for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and industrial trucks (FFZs).
The flexible and scalable integration of Wiferion products eliminates unnecessary machine downtime and maintenance- and cost-intensive wired charging. Users sustainably increase their utilization and fleet efficiency by up to 32%. Numerous companies in the logistics, industrial and automotive sectors rely on Wiferion’s technology. Wiferion has sold more than 8000 etaLINK systems in over 30 countries.

About PULS

PULS Acquires Start-Up Wiferion

PULS develops and manufactures power supplies and supplementary units for industrial applications. Founded by Bernhard Erdl in Munich in 1980, the company currently employs around 1,700 people worldwide. All of the company’s products are manufactured in the company’s own facilities in Chomutov, Czech Republic, Suzhou, China, and Drebach, Germany. Their power supplies regularly set benchmarks with their high efficiency values, compact design, durability, and reliability. For users, such outstanding quality means low energy consumption, more space in the cabinet, and high system availability.


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PULS manufactures DIN-rail switched-mode power supplies with a high efficiency, long lifetime and the smallest footprint. They are a technology and market leader for high-performance DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units. The company’s wide product portfolio is available off-the-shelf.

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