Boston-Based Urbx Logistics Will Work With Mitsubishi Electric Automation To Enable Retailers To Automate and Optimize Their In-Store Picking Process


November 15, 2021

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. is announcing the addition of Urbx Logistics to its Diamond Partner OEM Program. The program is a natural extension of their commitment to achieve the highest level of quality, performance, and efficiency for their customers. Diamond Partner OEMs receive engineering support, tools to increase manufacturing productivity, as well as sales and marketing collaboration.

Urbx Logistics provides a solution for grocery chains, factories, retailers and distribution centers to achieve on-demand order fulfillment. Urbx calls it the “omni-channel warehouse”, and their system enables orders for on-demand goods to be retrieved robotically. Working together with Urbx, which has expertise using advanced technology in delivering directly to the consumer, provides an opportunity for Mitsubishi Electric Automation to bring innovative solutions to the future of order fulfillment.

Urbx partnered with Mitsubishi Electric Automation because of their robotics system architecture. Lincoln Cavalieri, CEO of Urbx Logistics,commented, “The Urbx mission brings automated, on-demand retail fulfillment to everyone. Through working with Mitsubishi Electric Automation, we see an enormous opportunity to leverage their industry-leading robotics system architecture in a groundbreaking way. Close collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric allows us to scale rapidly to meet the intense demand for compact, high-speed fulfillment in the marketplace. We are excited to work with them now and into the future.”

To learn more about Urbx Logistics, visit

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