Universal Robots Opens 100th Training Centre

MC Universal Robots Opens 100th Training Centre 1 400

June 16, 2022


Universal Robots has reached a new milestone with 100 certified training centers worldwide. This comes following the opening of a new center in Täby near Stockholm in Sweden, with other centers spread across 23 countries.

All over the world, from Munich to Michigan, Singapore to Sweden, Universal Robots offers its customers world class robotics training that helps them maximize the potential of their cobots. This means that no matter where a business is based, it is always near a certified UR Training Center.

Universal Robots’ President, Kim Povlsen, says:

“At Universal Robots, we believe our success lies in our customers’ success. That’s why we’ve created the UR Academy, as we have learned that customers who access high quality training are very successful automating. With a global and widespread network of training centers, we are enabling people all over the world to continuously improve their automation skills and maximize the potential of cobot technology.”

“It has taken us less than four years to go from zero to 100 training centers, and reaching this milestone shows that top-class robotics training is in high demand. We will continue to evolve and expand our training offering helping all customers to get the very best out of their cobots.”


A map of Universal Robots’ 100 training centers can be viewed here


About UR Academy

Universal Robots has 100 certified training centers globally. 81 are run by partners and 19 by UR.

UR recommends training to all customers, from those wanting to explore the full capabilities of their cobot to those wanting to integrate the robot themselves. The advantages include, for example, faster implementation and achieving the full potential of the robot​.

In addition to in-class training, UR Academy offers free online training as well as simulation-based training (also online). By May 2022, 140,000+ unique users from over 130 countries had participated in UR’s online training, which is available in 16 languages.

UR Academy also offers an education package for schools, colleges and universities to help prepare students for the workplace for the future.

Read more about UR Academy here

MC Universal Robots Opens 100th Training Centre 2 400







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