Allied Electronics & Automation Adds Three Pneumatics Suppliers

October 8, 2021

Allied Electronics & Automation added six new suppliers in September, expanding its roster of more than 550 world-class suppliers. Quincy Compressor, Chicago Pneumatic Compressor, and BelAire Compressors enhance Allied’s pneumatics and fluid control product offerings.

Encoder Products Company (EPC) adds new sensors; Rosenberger offers connectors products; while Southwire Tools & Equipment continues to expand the cable management products in wire and cable. New products from these suppliers are now available at

Allied’s recently added suppliers include:

  •    –   Quincy Compressor is a major designer and manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors ranging from one-third to 350 horsepower, vacuum pumps and a full line of air treatment components. Quincy offers single- and multi-stage models, lightweight, low-footprint portable units, and pumps for the natural gas market. All compressors are made in the US and held to the highest standards of quality control.
  •    –   Chicago Pneumatic Compressor is a major manufacturer and distributor of compressed air products such as screw compressors, piston compressors and air treatment. With years of experience in the industry, Chicago Pneumatic has solutions for both industrial and professional air compressor systems that are efficient and reliable.
  •    –   BelAire Compressors deliver the performance and dependability customers expect in the automotive and light industrial markets. All BelAire compressors are backed by passionate customer service and the best warranty in the business.
  •    –   Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a major designer and world-wide manufacturer of motion sensing devices. EPC began operations in 1969, producing a line of custom encoders (the original Cube series) from a small, home-based shop. Today, EPC is one of the largest privately-held encoder manufacturers in North America, producing the most complete line of incremental and absolute rotary encoders in the industry. Meeting the diverse needs of a wide range of global customers, EPC’s core philosophy is that each and every customer deserves quality products, superior customer service and expert support. Adherence to these principles has enabled EPC to achieve its goal of maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.
  •    –   Rosenberger is an innovative global provider of RF technology with an international presence. The Rosenberger name stands for both quality and cutting-edge technology in the field of RF connectors, low frequency & high-frequency cable assemblies, RF test and measurement devices, automotive products, fiber optic products and custom copper assemblies. Rosenberger, headquartered in Germany, maintains sales and manufacturing facilities around the globe. As a leader in the industry, they provide a wide range of standardized and customized connectivity solutions to a variety of customers across multiple industry segments. These products are used in wireless technology, telecom, test & measurement, automotive, medical, military, industrial and data systems. Customers rely on the precision and quality of Rosenberger products around the globe.
  •    –   Southwire Tools & Equipment provides a comprehensive line of top-quality hand tools, meters, testers and contractor equipment built for durability. Allied Electronics & Automation is an authorized distributor for Southwire, with a wide range of Southwire products in stock for same-day shipping, including flexible conduit, NFPA79 wire and extension cords.

Allied continues to add products and suppliers to its facilities cleaning and maintenance inventory. As part of its focus on improving the customer experience, Allied will continue to expand its product portfolio throughout 2021 and beyond to meet customers’ wide-ranging needs. In 2020, the company added more than 50 new best-in-class suppliers to its linecard, bringing more than 10,000 new ready-to-ship product lines to customers. Allied has also recently doubled the capacity of its Fort Worth distribution center and provides online customers with tens of thousands of 360-degree high-resolution images, more than 1.1 million up-to-date product data sheetsexpert advice on a wide range of topics, and a connection to the company’s global DesignSpark free online engineering collaboration platform.


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