SMC Goes Online With AutoStore


March 4, 2021

Recently, SMC Corporation of America was excited to announce its implementation of the future of supply chain and inventory management by going online with the AutoStore storage and retrieval system.

The AutoStore system optimizes storage density as much as four times conventional storage space methods by leveraging automation and robotic carts to both store and retrieve specified inventory items from dedicated locations. The cube storage configuration allows valuable warehouse floor space previously allocated to underutilized aisle space to be repurposed to cube storage space to optimize inventory storage. The automated system will decrease pick times while increasing accuracy.

The AutoStore system is operating in SMC’s newest 1 million sq. ft. warehouse expansion area inside the 2.6 million sq. ft corporate campus and represents a $20 million capital investment to ensure continuous growth for SMC in North America improving accuracy and on time deliveries to their manufacturing partners.

“Our new system will manage 128,000 bins with a full grid storage capacity of 161,000 bins. This will be supported by 64 robots, 12 picking ports, 5 receiving ports, 4 automated carton erectors and 8,842 feet of new conveyor lines. Overall, this is one of the most impressive inventory management systems I’ve ever been a part of and frankly, I’m very proud to be bringing this great technology to Noblesville, Indiana.” says Chad Bosler, Vice President of Operations.

SMC implemented the AutoStore storage and retrieval system on February 20, 2021 and will go fully online March 15th.  During this transition period SMC’s legacy warehouse will continue to operate as usual.



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