Festo Introduces Open-Source Gantry Robot for Automated Liquid Handling


March 4, 2022

Festo’s new Modular Gantry Robot platform for laboratory-based automated liquid handling systems allows OEMs to develop such test or assay solutions in minimum time. The open-source gantry is readily customizable and utilizes world-class components. Designing one requires fewer engineering and mechanical resources than if an OEM were to adapt a generic machine to accomplish the same task.

These modular gantries feature an open-source motion and fluidic application programming interface (API) with Python, Java, and .NET/C# drivers. Utilizing a library of common drivers reduces the learning curve and enables integrators to easily develop an optimized control strategy for their machine – strategies that support the end-use customer’s success and satisfaction with it.

Three-axis modular gantry robots for each platform can be delivered by Festo as ready-to-assemble kits, including cabinet and all necessary supporting components, or as preassembled systems.

The modular platform follows a Lego-like building block strategy of employing interoperable components that can be assembled with simple hand tools. Festo Life Science engineers guide customers in the selection of the optimum modules for the target application, including the level of three-axis robot required to handle the desired speed and load. Other modules can include dispense head, pipettes, capper/decapper, and bar code reader.

Simple modular gantries can ship in 8-12 weeks, and production can be scaled up rapidly where needed to suit urgent applications such as Covid testing.

For more information on Festo LifeTech solutions, visit Festo Laboratory Automation.

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