Servo Axis Sizing, Ordering, and Configuration with Electric Motion Sizing (EMS) from Festo

January 19, 2023

Electric Motion Sizing (EMS) is the Festo online tool for easy servo axis sizing, ordering, and configuration. Available at

Download and use the Festo Automation Suite for free

This electric motion sizing tool helps you finding a perfectly dimensioned combination of electric or eletromechanic drive components based on your application needs. After entering only a small set of parameters the tool will recommend the best product combinations out of several million combinations within seconds.

The calculation results are a recommendation. Festo is not liable for any damage caused by this tool.

Linear Movement

Find a perfectly dimensioned combination of a Festo drive and a linear actuator for a linear movement in your application.

Rotary Movement

Find a perfectly dimensioned Festo drive for a rotary movement in your application.

Multi-Axis Handling Applications

Cartesian robots for your 2D or 3D handling application.

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