Eaton Delivers Versatile, Resilient Power Protection to Meet the Growing Needs of Large Data Centres

MC EATON Delivers Versatile Reliable Power Protection 1 400

April 13, 2022


Eaton recently announced its latest innovation in backup power protection with the North American launch of the 9395XC uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Designed to anticipate the growing needs for large power capacity in a small footprint in data centers, the new solution delivers reliable, flexible power protection for everything from hyperscale and multi-tenant data centers to enterprise and light industrial applications.

“As data centers face mounting challenges stemming from growing data consumption and compute requirements, the need for greater resiliency to support these systems has become a central focus for many data center and IT managers,” said Anteneh Abraham, product manager, Eaton. “We’ve designed the 9395XC UPS to offer the highest power density on the market in a smaller footprint that can scale to meet operators’ evolving requirements. With flexible battery options and rapid deployment capabilities, the new UPS is an essential way for operators to improve uptime and deliver business continuity in an ever-changing environment.”




The 9395XC UPS features more intelligent sensing capabilities and integrations that enable 24×7, real-time power infrastructure monitoring and management through integration with Eaton’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)solution and PredictPulse remote monitoring service, both integral parts of the Eaton Brightlayer Data Centers suite. 

Users who deploy the 9395XC UPS can future-proof their data center infrastructure with the ability to incorporate Eaton’s EnergyAware solution and battery services to help improve sustainability while offsetting overall energy consumption and costs.


Additional capabilities of the 9395XC UPS include:

  • •Self-diagnostic software and tighter integration with service tools to help minimize onsite commissioning
  • •Ability to handle up to 0.7 leading or lagging load power factors without de-rating the UPS capacity
  • •HotSync patented load-sharing technology that enables parallel operation without communication
  • •A growing global network of over 2,000 support and service personnel 
  • •Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS), which provides 99% energy efficiency

The 9395XC UPS is available in a 1500 kW model, the first in a series of monolithic UPS solutions, with additional models expected in the future.

MC EATON Delivers Versatile Reliable Power Protection 2 400

To learn more about the 9395XC UPS, click here


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