Free Tool Available for Automatic Calculation of the Safety Distance for the Safety Light Curtain PSENopt

August 30, 2023

Free Tool Available for Automatic Calculation of the Safety Distance for the Safety Light Curtain PSENopt

Safety distance determined simply and safely

The new browser-based software tool “Safety Distance Calculator” from Pilz enables users to calculate safety distances for all common safety light curtains on the market simply and quickly. The free, digital calculation tool uses the values entered to determine the necessary safety distance and suggest the appropriate light curtain in each case.

Users can choose between the different types: from the product range of safety light curtains PSENopt or PSENopt II. As the search for the appropriate light curtain is significantly shorter, users save time. Using the calculator to work out the distance is beneficial in industry sectors such as custom machine building, where the safety distance needs to be recalculated frequently.

Users can call up the tool online via the Pilz website. The intuitive Safety Distance Calculator provides additional information on the individual calculation steps, such as calculating the minimum distance for example.

From Safety Level to the right product

The Pilz Safety Distance Calculator enables you to make the calculations for an application for vertical protected fields (perpendicular approach), for finger, hand and body protection. Based on the required safety level, users receive an appropriate product suggestion for their respective application, which is designed in accordance with either ISO 13849 or IEC 62061. Integrated information points with in-depth explanations provide support with the search; a graphical representation illustrates each calculation so that it is easy to understand. Users benefit from flexible options for converting their plant. The calculation tool is available in both German and English.

Light curtain portfolio for all requirements

Light curtains from Pilz are available in a variety of types: With a mechanical load capacity of up to 50 g and therefore high availability, the shock resistant light curtains PSENopt II are the preferred choice for use in rugged environments where vibrations or collisions prevail – on packaging machines, for example. With the PSENopt II Type 3 light curtain, Pilz is the only manufacturer to offer an economical safety solution that is specifically tailored to applications up to PL d in accordance with IEC 61496.

Type 4 light curtains PSENopt II are also available for applications up to PL e in accordance with IEC 61496, which meet the highest requirement for finger, hand and body protection and are available in lengths of 150 mm to 1800 mm. For space-critical areas on machines where intervention is required as part of each cycle, users can rely on the light curtains PSENopt slim.

More Information

Pilz Safety Distance Calculator

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