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December 11, 2020

Experience the benefits of In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) on standard safety devices with two normally closed set of contacts—such as mechanical safety switches and panel-mounted E-stops—with the new ISD Connect. A compact T-connector that fits in-line with other ISD devices, the ISD Connect links a non-ISD device to a daisy chain of up to 32 devices. ISD makes it easy to access diagnostic data from devices in a safety system without special equipment or designated cabling. Use it to troubleshoot machine safety systems, prevent system faults, and reduce equipment downtime.

Key Benefits

Prevent and reduce unplanned downtime

In-Series Diagnostics gives machine owners and operators greater insight into the health and performance of their equipment, making them less reliant on outside experts to solve system problems. Users can monitor the status of each device in their safety system in real time, identify the location and nature of any potential problems, and receive alerts if a critical event does occur so equipment can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement

The ISD Connect module allows for non-ISD enabled devices to be brought into an ISD system and provides access to critical data from each connected device. Data is communicated from the module over the same standard 4-pin cable that connects the other devices in the ISD chain. This eliminates the time, hassle, and expense of running designated cabling between each device and the control panel in order to access diagnostic data. Users can add, move, or remove safety devices as needed and then easily error-proof the entire safety system prior to deployment.

Easy access to detailed diagnostic data

Data is collected from up to 32 compatible devices in each In-Series Diagnostic chain. Using an HMI or similar device, users can view the status and location of each device and drill into the data to determine the unique tag value, internal temperature, voltage, and other device-level details. System alerts notify staff if a monitored door has been opened, an E-Stop button pressed, or any other critical event has occurred.

Operates at the highest level of safety (PL E)

Up to 32 In-Series Diagnostic devices connected in series achieve up to Category 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings. Outputs on each device are continuously monitored to detect any faults, including short circuits. This design eliminates the possibility of fault masking at any point in the system. The ISD Connect module enables any safety device with two normally closed sets of contacts—such as panel-mounted emergency stop buttons and mechanical safety switches—to join the ISD family of products, which includes the SC10 Hybrid Relay-Controller, illuminated e-stop buttons, and RFID safety switches. 


The ISD Connect enables standard panel-mounted emergency stop buttons and mechanical switches to be utilized in applications where local or remote diagnostics feedback is important to reduce and prevent downtime, including but not limited to:

  •    –   Assembly stations and robotics
  •    –   Conveying lines
  •    –   Packaging machines
  •    –   Pharmaceutical productions equipment
  •    –   Work cells
  •    –   Food and beverage equipment
  •    –   Test equipment
  •    –   Electronics and semiconductor production equipment


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