Beckhoff Automation Receives the 2024 German Sustainability Award

January 10, 2024

Beckhoff Automation receives the 2024 German Sustainability Award

Germany’s sustainability pioneers have been chosen

The German Sustainability Award for the transformative measurement and control technology industry goes to Beckhoff Automation. This is the biggest European award for commitment to ecological and social causes.

There are successful solutions to sustainability challenges in every industry. The German Sustainability Award Foundation wanted to bring more attention to these innovative products, and to this end, they honored sustainability pioneers from 100 sectors of German industry for the first time this year.

In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), and other partners, data from 6,000 companies was researched and the companies were evaluated based on their sustainability profile. The awards were given to 100 companies that are truly driving sustainability as part of their corporate strategy. With innovative products, high ecological standards in production, or a high degree social commitment in their supply chains, they make valuable contributions to the transformation towards a more sustainable economy.

Beckhoff Automation won over the independent jury of experts for the transformative measurement and control technology category. Measurement and control technology plays a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals. It enables precise monitoring and control of energy consumption systems, industrial and production processes, and the environmental impact across various industries. Companies can reduce their energy consumption and conserve resources by optimally controlling their processes.

“We are delighted to receive this award. We believe that it demonstrates exactly how deeply the work we have done and exemplary solutions we have developed are appreciated. It motivates us to continue pushing our current sustainability activities forward,” explains Anne Schaper, energy management officer at Beckhoff Automation.

Anne Schaper, energy management officer at Beckhoff Automation

Sustainability and responsibility

Beckhoff has been setting standards in the world of automation for over 40 years. With its PC-based control technology, the company helps its customers to optimize the effectiveness of their processes by reducing energy and raw material consumption while improving quality and profitability. Beckhoff technology paves the way for greater sustainability and Beckhoff constantly works to develop advanced innovations as a leading automation tech company. Many of these innovations are used for generating renewable energy, e.g. in wind power or biogas plants. In the field of wind energy in particular, Beckhoff controllers are used in a large share of the world’s wind turbines to optimize control.

Responsible value chain

For Beckhoff, environmental awareness does not begin within the company, but further back in the chain with the suppliers. Beckhoff monitors its supply chain using a sustainability and compliance assessment and works with regional suppliers wherever possible. Beckhoff’s production is based in-house in Germany, and the company guarantees its customers high-quality technology with long-term availability, thus providing long-term investment protection for the machines.

“In addition to all of our innovations, a great many smaller sustainability measures also add up to constitute our holistic approach to environmental protection. Together with our employees, we strive to become a little more environmentally friendly every single day,” states Anne Schaper.

Anne Schaper, energy management officer at Beckhoff Automation

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