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Vector Institute Announces Nearly $2 Million In Scholarships for Top Ontario AI Graduate Students

May 10, 2024

Vector Institute Announces Nearly $2 Million In Scholarships for Top Ontario AI Graduate Students

The Vector Institute has announced the 115 recipients of the 2024-25 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI)

  • 115 recipients were awarded a $17,500 merit-based scholarship from the Vector Institute for the 2024-25 academic year
  • Over 682 scholarships have been awarded since the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence program launched in 2018
  • Over 90 percent of graduates are hired and remain in Ontario after graduation

The Vector Institute has announced the 115 recipients of the 2024-25 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI). These $17,500 merit-based scholarships are awarded to top candidates enrolled in Vector-recognized master’s programs or pursuing individualized AI study paths at universities across Ontario.

“Vector is exceptionally proud of the high caliber and rich diversity of this year’s student cohort. Our Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence is a key part of Vector’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of AI experts. By equipping them with the most sought-after AI skills and cultivating an ecosystem that encourages them to build their future in Ontario, Vector is ensuring that the top-AI talent strengthens Canada’s economy as we drive AI adoption and reinforce our position as a global AI leader.”

Melissa Judd, Vector’s Vice President, Research Operations and Academic Partnerships

This year’s VSAI recipients come from diverse academic backgrounds including engineering, computer science, health informatics, and business analytics. Upon graduation, they will join Ontario’s growing community of highly-skilled AI talent. In total, the 2024-25 cohort was awarded over $2 million in scholarship funding.

Beyond financial support, VSAI recipients and students enrolled in master’s programs recognized by the Vector Institute can attend events and talks that put them face-to-face with top AI researchers and teams from top Canadian employers, providing unique career opportunities. The master’s students are also given access to Vector’s Digital Talent Hub, networking events, and AI-specific professional development programming to ensure they are ready to join the workforce. Since 2018, Ontario companies and organizations have hired more than 2,000 Vector-affiliated students from AI master’s programs, including VSAI recipients.

“It is an honour to be recognized by the Vector Institute, and I am grateful for the opportunity that this award affords me to continue my research in artificial intelligence. It is no secret that AI is reshaping the world around us, and I am excited to be a part of the local community working to leverage its power in innovative ways.”

Charlotte Barnes, MSc in Computer Science, Collaborative Specialization in AI, University of Guelph

This seventh round of VSAI recipients will attend 14 universities across Ontario. Six hundred and eighty two have been awarded since the program launched in 2018, and the number of Vector-recognized AI master’s programs has grown to 26 across Ontario, reflecting the rising need for AI talent.

This marks the third year in a row that Ontario universities have surpassed the province’s ambitious AI talent goal of 1,000 AI master’s graduates per year. These graduates are also in high demand, with over 90 percent building their careers here in Ontario’s vibrant AI ecosystem.

“On behalf of the Government of Ontario, we’d like to congratulate the 115 talented students who are recipients of the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Ontario is a leading source of tech and AI talent, and by fostering innovation in critical technologies, we are enabling domestic companies to compete and win on the global stage. Thank you, Vector Institute, for your continued support of the next generation of Ontario’s AI talent.”

The Honourable Vic Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

This year’s scholarship program was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. The 2025-26 scholarship nomination dates will be announced in Fall 2024. Learn more about the Vector Scholarship in AI.


Explore Vector’s list of 2024 recipients here

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