Taking Semiconductor Fabrication to the Next Level with Omron Automation

December 14, 2023

From front end processing to the finished wafer, Omron’s industry-leading, innovative solutions help bring wafers to market at faster speeds with more flexibility. Partner with Omron to enjoy the most advanced sensing, precise measurements, and reliable controls in semiconductor manufacturing, and start building the fabs of the future today.

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Why Omron’s New SECS/GEM-Complaint Solutions Are Beneficial for Semiconductor Manufacturers
Taking Semiconductor Fabrication to the Next Level with Omron Automation

Developed by the non-profit Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the SECS/GEM connectivity standard is an equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications that is top-of-mind for many semiconductor manufacturers today. 

As a trusted partner in automation solutions for the semiconductor industry, Omron is committed to providing highly innovative technologies that also meet SECS/GEM requirements. Let’s take a look at the purpose behind SECS/GEM and the ways in which these solutions will benefit semiconductor manufacturers.

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