ASK RITTAL: A-Z of BUSBAR with Sean Northcott

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November 25, 2022


Wed, Nov 30, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Traditional wiring relying on cable connections that require loads of space is a thing of the past and busbar power distribution is now the industry standard for all industrial enclosures. Globally, companies are deploying busbar to power their modular enclosures, primarily due to safety.

Busbar alleviates pain points in panel design, engineering, and operation via many factors, but each primarily hinges on the high level of customization and unique design capabilities compared to traditional wired panels.

Busbar allows for:

• Reductions in the use of space relative to the panel and enclosure

• Easy troubleshooting in the event of switchgear interruption or failure

• Time savings during both installation, maintenance, or upgrades • Increased operational efficiency

• Integration of supplemental panel or enclosure elements to enhance or augment performance

Send Rittal your questions. Whatever questions you have about busbar: from the challenges to the advantages, from the scope to the installation, please send them to

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