SMC Automation: IZS40/41/42, Bar Type Ionizer (Standard, Feedback Sensor and Dual AC Types)


February 18, 2021

The IZS4 family is SMC’s 3rd generation of bar ionizers. Bar ionizers generate a curtain of static eliminating ions effective for a distance up to 2000mm / 6.5 ft. The family includes the standard IZS40 model, the IZS41 with feedback or auto balance sensor and rapid static neutralization, and the IZS42 with low amplitude ion generation for sensitive electronics. The IZS41 and 42 are remote control capable, and can be linked via cable for operation from a single power supply. Needle cartridges are easily removed without tools for cleaning or end-of-life replacement.

  •    –   Choose from 3 models to best fit your application and price point
  •    –   High speed or energy saving cartridges in tungsten or single crystal silicon
  •    –   Operation panel features multiple setting controls and diagnostic LEDs
  •    –   2 models available with auto balance or feedback sensor for optimizing ion generation
  •    –   2 models with remote control capability
  •    –   32 available lengths, up to 2500mm / 8.2 ft long


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