Parker Hannifin: Pneumatic Linear Actuator, Diaphragm Style

December 11, 2020

The Parker Bestobell’s cryogenic pneumatic actuator is designed for use with flow control valves and emergency shut down applications.

Manufactured in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, the pneumatic actuator is available in four standard sizes – 168mm, 210mm, 315mm and 420mm diameters. Parker’s pneumatic linear actuators have been tested to perform up to 500,000 actuations, offering durability and longevity.

Regardless of housing material choice, the pneumatic actuator features Stainless Steel internal components for enhanced durability and is supplied in Marine Grade paint. The pneumatic actuator also features a nylon-reinforced diaphragm for longer life and can easily be installed to existing products offering low cost fabrication.


  •    –   Lightweight and compact
  •    –   Nylon reinforced diaphragm for longer life
  •    –   Stainless steel internals for enhanced durability
  •    –   Operational at low temperature to -40oC
  •    –   Manual override option


  •    –   Transport
  •    –   Storage
  •    –   Defence
  •    –   Processing


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