Encapsulated Transformers for Commercial Applications – 1ph, 3ph Current: HPS Fortress™

March 11, 2024

Encapsulated Transformers for Commercial Applications – 1ph, 3ph Current: HPS Fortress™

For commercial applications where airborne contaminants are present, HPS general-purpose encapsulated transformers offer a cost-effective solution that prioritizes safety, quality and ease of installation and maintenance.

The core and coil are completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica, providing excellent protection against airborne particles and moisture build-up inside the transformer enclosure.

Designed for commercial applications including:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools
  • Sports Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Lighting
  • Wastewater

Why choose HPS encapsulated transformers for your commercial application?

Easy installation and maintenance – Three phase units have a removable hinged door that makes it easy to access terminations during installation and maintenance. Factory installed grounding lugs save time with easy access to the ground.

Reliable and durable – All three phase units come with a standard 10 kV BIL rating for increased reliability and protection against critical equipment failure. Standard Type 3R enclosures and texture painted Type 4 enclosures provide excellent durability.

Cost effective solution – Aluminum windings on units above 2 kVA provide an economical solution without compromising on quality and performance. Single phase units below 2 kVA have copper windings.

Packed with features – Every unit comes standard with many features that are designed to meet your application demands throughout the lifespan of your transformer.

Features and benefits:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Ratings
    • Single Phase: from 50VA to 37.5kVA
    • Three Phase: from 6kVA to 75kVA
  • 60 Hz frequency (50/60 Hz on four single phase voltage groups)
  • An extensive standard offering of primary and secondary volts from 120V to 600V
  • Export model: 190V / 200V / 208V / 220V / 240x380V / 400V / 416V / 440V / 480V
  • CSA and UL listed
  • Electrostatic shield standard on all three phase units and single phase units from 750VA and up
  • Enclosures
    • Single Phase: Standard Type 3R (optional Type 4, Type 12)
    • Three Phase: Type 4 (optional Type 4X)
  • 10kV BIL (three phase units only)
  • For customizations of encapsulated transformers please contact your local HPS representative

For industrial applications in hazardous locations, HPS offers a line of encapsulated transformers that are suitable for Class 1, Division 2 environments.

More Information

Encapsulated transformer Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

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