Parker and Camgian Partner to Deliver AI-Connected Services

MC Parker and Camgina Partner to Deliver AI Conneted Services 1 400

April 27, 2022


The Electronic Motion and Controls Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global leader in motion and control technologies, has partnered with Camgian to bring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to their IoT connected services platforms. Specifically, the partnership aims to create AI-enabled solutions and services that power the next-generation digital enterprise. This includes the delivery of new AI-driven operating models for markets fueled by IoT-connected services that enable higher levels of operational intelligence and system performance across Parker’s global footprint.

“We continue to see a rapidly growing demand for digital acceleration across all industries and sectors,” said Camgian Chairman and CEO Gary Butler, Ph.D. “Combining Parker’s breadth of capabilities, clients, and data with Camgian’s cognitive computing capabilities will enable us to bring customers deep insights into their business and create truly digital enterprises. In combining our capabilities in AI and IoT, it is our ambition to bring AI-powered operating models and a new level of speed, scope, and scale to industrial operations worldwide.”

Parker and Camgian have taken the first steps in this partnership through the application of AI to real-world telematics data generated by Parker IoT Connected Services. Camgian’s cognitive computing capabilities augment Parker IoT technologies with cloud and edge hosted AI-enabled applications for performing enterprise-wide operational intelligence and predictive maintenance. These insights improve the decision-making capabilities of Parker’s customers and can have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

Parker Mobile IoT is the next-generation, cloud-based solution specifically designed for off-road equipment to provide diagnostic data, monitoring, and performance control capabilities. Mobile IoT makes it easy for OEM and fleet managers to collect and analyze data to identify usage trends and field-based problems, yielding unparalleled operational insights. Parker is taking telematics to the next level with remote diagnostics and controls programming.

Parker Industrial IoT is an integrated suite of products and services that enable manufacturers to monitor the condition of machines, predict failures and reduce downtime. Industrial IoT makes it easy for managers to connect and view data as well as identify problematic trends that may impact productivity.

Camgian Cognitive Computing provides clients with enterprise AI capabilities that are cloud-hosted, available on-demand, and custom to their organization and operational needs. This is supported by a platform architecture comprised of integrated data pipelines, software-enabled workflows, application frameworks, and intellectual property that enables agile teams of Camgian engineers and data scientists to efficiently develop, deploy, and host custom AI and ML applications for clients as a service. Camgian Cognitive Computing Services provide clients the ability to cost-effectively customize and deploy AI-powered operating models that release the true potential of their data and drive new levels of value creation and capture across the enterprise. These digital operating models are intrinsically modular, powered by algorithms, and build greater payback from the same core data capture with time. As a result, clients realize the increasing benefits of AI in their business while paying only for the specific algorithmic processing required for their operations.    

This partnership enables the production of next-generation, operational intelligence and equipment forecasting capabilities. Parker’s IoT customers can leverage the power of algorithms to drive higher levels of business execution, deepen their understanding of their operations, and accelerate their response to minimize downtime. Highly informed and accelerated decision-loops are the foundation for building a digital enterprise and greatly increasing the scope of operations.

“Combining AI with IoT simplifies the understanding of complex systems thus requiring less human interaction to make decisions,” said Anne Marie Johlie, Head of Connected Products and IoT at Parker’s Electronic Motion and Controls Division. “The partnership will enable us to pair Camgian’s AI expertise with Parker’s motion controls expertise to quickly bring advanced AI insights to market for the benefit of our customers.”

Parker continues to partner with industry leaders to expand their portfolio of digital solutions for customers. Learn more about Parker IoT Solutions by clicking here




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