New Industry Web Portal: Safety Guide for Purchasing Electric Motors in Canada

August 18, 2023

New Industry Web Portal: Safety Guide for Purchasing Electric Motors in Canada

Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) represents electrical and automation manufacturers, distributors, and sales agents committed to electrical safety in Canada. The EFC Motor & Generator Business Section has developed an industry web portal and downloadable checklist that reminds consumers of the importance of purchasing safe and reliable motors that meet safety and quality standards. The consequences of not purchasing certified products can be unsafe working conditions, legal liability, and increased operational downtimes and costs.

This industry web portal is designed to help consumers make better buying decisions by:

  • Purchasing electric motors and generators that meet product safety standards.
  • Purchasing electric motors and generators that have been certified.
  • Adhering to safety tips when purchasing electrical products online, such as being mindful of “too good to be true” pricing and purchasing from a trusted source.

The industry web portal shares important compliance standards that buyers must be mindful of when purchasing an electric motor – including checking for certification marks and purchasing from trusted sources such as authorized electrical distributors from the EFC community.

Share this industry web portal with consumers and electrical customers so they know the important safety guidelines when purchasing electrical motors in Canada.

Access the Safety Guide for Purchasing Electric Motors in Canada portal

EFC wishes to thank Motor & Generator Business Section industry members for their thought leadership and support in developing the web portal and resources.

ABB, Ryan Ray, Byron McKay, Pawan Litt, and Mark Gwinnett

Regal Rexnord Corporation, Rawaha Tariq, Raj Goonoo, and Chidi Ijeh

SEW-Eurodrive Co. of Canada Ltd., Gabriel Lencar and Lyall Watson

Teco-Westinghouse Motors (Canada) Inc., George Kang, Jon Hassen, Michelle Orso, and Jomo Green

Toshiba International Corporation, Tramy Lam, Robert Kindred, Bharat Mistry, Walter Silva, Colin Joeright, Doug Fullerton, John O’Brien, and Lara Schneider

EFC, Cherith Sinasac, Karen Ewing, and Gurvinder Chopra

More Information

Cherith Sinasac
Business Section Manager
Electro-Federation Canada

Daniela De Marco
Marketing Specialist
Electro-Federation Canada


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