Advanced Automation Solution Demo Videos Are On-Demand

February 17, 2021

If you missed the launch of Omron’s demo videos over the past few months, or perhaps you’d just like to revisit some of the Omron presentations, you can now check out their demo video series on the Omron website. Omron will continue o update the page with new videos as they come available.

What demos can you see right now? Here are descriptions for a few that are linked to below..

1.  Pick-and-place with Quattro robot and AI vision | Watch >

We added artificial intelligence-based defect detection capabilities to the FH vision system to match the capabilities of experienced human inspectors. This gave rise to advanced tools like pre-trained scratch detection filters and AI Fine Matching that dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of automated inspections on flexible lines.

This particular demo combines FH Series AI with Delta robots, motion control, Sysmac safety and HMI technology. The workpieces chosen for the demo are considered quite difficult to inspect using conventional, rule-based vision tools.

2.  Bin picking with TM cobot and FH 3D imaging | Watch >

We recently debuted our FH Series 3D camera to solve robotic bin picking applications. This powerful 3D imaging technology quickly and precisely locates parts in a bin and seamlessly integrates with a variety of robot tooling for successful picking.

In this demo, you can see how the TM Series collaborative robot (cobot) becomes a much more productive and flexible solution when combined with FH 3D imaging.

3.  Integrated controller robotic cell with AnyFeeder | Watch >

Omron’s AnyFeeder flexible feeding system has been a groundbreaking solution for automated product delivery. We featured it in the demo as part of a robotic cell with an integrated controller PLC for robot programming on an EtherCAT network.

Other technologies featured in this demo include the NA Series HMI, a safety PLC, the 1S servo, FH Series vision and the i4 robot. Each of these runs on an EtherCAT network controlled by an integrated controller programmed using Sysmac Studio.


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