Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors – Comprehensive Guide

June 19, 2024

Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors - Comprehensive Guide

The role of reliable connection systems in industrial automation and electrical drive technology is highly important, with Phoenix Contact’s circular connectors being renowned for their robustness and adaptability. These products come in a range of sizes, designs, and capabilities, offering flexibility for various needs. They can be found in straight or angled configurations and are suitable for on-site assembly. These versatile connectors are known for their consistent performance and high-quality materials in diverse sectors.

Introduction to Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact’s Circular Connectors are a cornerstone in the field of industrial automation and electrical drives. They are renowned for their exceptional reliability and adaptability, making them a preferred choice across various industries.


These connectors offer high quality and versatility, making them integral to advanced automation systems. Their dependability and robust performance cater to specific requirements in diverse environments. They are globally recognized and increasingly used in complex systems where reliable connections are crucial.

Advantages of Using Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors are praised for their high-quality construction and exceptional performance, playing a pivotal role in automation systems by ensuring efficient operation and robust connections.

Reliable Performance

These connectors exhibit remarkable reliability under various conditions. Engineered with features like Advanced Shielding Technology, they offer a 360-degree shield connection. This technology incorporates liquid metal to completely encase the cable shielding during manufacturing, enhancing EMC protection and overall connector performance.

They also support high-speed data transmission through integrated USB interfaces using a patch cable. Whether for Mbit or Gigabit modules, they offer flexibility in usage and ensure quick, dependable data transfer for high-speed applications.

Durable Design

The robust design of these connectors includes rotatable front mounting flanges and suitability for drag chain applications, accommodating diverse needs. The PushLock connection technology enables tool-free wiring, while D-coded, shielded 4-pos connectors provide flexible cabling without compromising space or quality. These features make them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Applications of Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors

Automation Systems

Phoenix Contact’s high-quality circular connectors excel in automation systems due to their flexible design and robust characteristics. Their scalable structure accommodates various pin assignments, ensuring easy integration within any device design. With EMC protection and IP67 rating, these connectors are crucial for industrial automation exposed to harsh conditions.

Watch this video to see the M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors in action:

Robotics and Industrial Use

In addition to automation systems, these connectors perform exceptionally in robotics and other industrial applications. Designed for on-site assembly or molded configurations, they suit a wide range of devices and machinery. The SPE/M12 hybrid connector exemplifies this adaptability, combining data and power transmission capabilities. Built to withstand harsh environments, they meet international standards, ensuring long-term usability.

Key Features of Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors epitomize innovation, quality, and reliability. These high-quality circular connectors serve as the backbone for several automation systems in diverse industrial settings.

Robust and Secure Connections

Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors offer robust and secure connections with a design featuring hybrid cable accessories and shielded cable designs. They can efficiently handle high power levels due to their rated current for maximum connection cross-section. Their size, with four mounting holes each measuring 44mm in diameter, allows flexible installation options. These connectors facilitate individual identification through color rings and are suitable for applications like drag chain due to their outer sheath color orange RAL 2003. As the cable clamping ranges may vary, the user is tasked with selection and testing.

Environmental Resistance

Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors are high-quality, environmentally resistant connectors with a LED rotatable front mounting flange of 40mm x 40mm dimensions, making them suitable for harsh environments. They have wired internally assembled contacts for added durability and panel feedthroughs with rear mounting for flexibility during installation. Known for robust secure connections and excellent environmental resistance, these connectors are vital in automation systems across various industries.

How to Choose the Right Circular Connector

Selecting the ideal circular connector involves assessing electrical requirements, environmental conditions, and specific application needs. Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors stand out as high-quality solutions for diverse automation systems.

Electrical Requirements

These connectors feature a range of rated current and voltage, with hybrid cable designs accommodating various connection cross-sections. The user must select and test the appropriate clamping ranges based on the cable material and design.

Environmental Considerations

Durable and versatile, Phoenix Contact Circular Connectors perform efficiently under challenging conditions. They are suitable for drag chain applications and come fully wired for ease of installation in tight spaces.

To assist you in selecting the right circular connector, here are some of the top products we offer:

M5 to M12 Circular Connectors

Explore the M5 to M12 circular connectors, designed for versatile and reliable connections in compact spaces.

M17 to M58 Circular Connectors

Discover the robust M17 to M58 circular connectors, ideal for high-power and signal transmission in industrial environments.

M17-M40 PRO Circular Connectors

Check out the M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors, known for their superior power and signal transmission.

For personalized assistance and expert advice on these premium industrial connectors, visit Proax Customer Support. Their team of experts is always ready to assist with your automation system needs.


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