Open For the Future with u-OS from Weidmüller

The flexible operating system for Industrial IoT and Automation

August 11, 2023

Open For the Future. u-OS from Weidmüller

Your operating system for Industrial IoT and Automation

u-OS is the new, open operating system from Weidmüller. It combines automation with the possibilities of the Industrial IoT in just one device and is suitable for edge computing solutions. It enables efficient data pre-processing and precise control directly to the machine. It is expandable and offers web-based system composition. This gives you access to the entire software landscape of Weidmüller and connected partner networks.

u-OS connects Industrial IoT and automation, partners with users, the cloud with data, ecosystems with each other and opens up the easy way to Industrial IoT. More independence. Simplified.

Independence and flexibility for your machines and facilities

Open For the Future with u-OS from Weidmüller

Discover the operating system of tomorrow

Independence and flexibility for your machines and facilities u-OS

u-OS is designed to run and monitor machines and facilities for the Industrial IoT and automation requirements of tomorrow. The platform is essentially a compilation of open source technologies or de facto standards. This means that the user remains independent in his choice of software.

… and u-OS builds the bridge to automation

With u-OS, Weidmüller provides an open operating system in which various third-party runtime systems such as CODESYS® can be run. Of course, the web-based PLC with its u-create web software environment is also integrated on all Weidmüller controllers.

… and u-OS opens the door to the Industrial IoT

With u-OS, you have various options for a quick entry into the Industrial IoT network: Whether with the configurable Weidmüller Industrial IoT Software Suite or among other via the community software Node-Red. With the App Manager concept, you can easily install approved software applications like the established cloud connection to Weidmüller’s Industrial Service Platform: easyConnect.

… and u-OS is always ready to expand

Weidmüller and its partner network always offers the right connection and you are fully flexible in your choice of options. Together with their partners they offer 3rd party apps. The installation of the apps is done conveniently via our App Manager. The container runtime installed in u-OS enables the execution of further container software.

And no matter how the Industrial IoT and Automation network develops in the future. With u-OS, you don’t limit yourself.

Creating edge connections to the IIoT – u-OS fits

The new u-control M3000 + M4000 controllers are equipped with significantly more processor power to perform both data pre-processing for the Industrial IoT and control tasks. With the expandability of the controller the hardware platform is prepared for a wide range of use cases.

The new u-control M3000 + M4000 controllers available from September 2023

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