SurgePure Industrial Surge Protection for Mission Critical Environments

May 3, 2023

Surgepure Industrial Surge Protection for Mission Critical Environments

SurgePure’s industrial surge protection devices are rated foremost in the industry because of their unique ‘Non-Degrading’ design.

You won’t be left second-guessing if you’re protected or not with SurgePure’s premium ‘Single-Element’ surge protection systems.

  • Remove: Surges, Spikes & Transients from your electrical system​
  • Eliminate glitching out of sensitive electronics giving you more productivity and overall system performance
  • Isolate all loads for better overall efficiency and system reliability
  • Protection from catastrophic events, lightning, blackouts
  • SurgePure works 24/7 cleaning your power

What is Dirty Power Costing You?

Dirty power is not good for any business and usually ends up costing you thousands in repairs and unexpected downtime. Looming power surges can be troublesome but there is a better solution. Addressing power quality with an industrial surge protection device (SPD) you will have more uptime and less unexpected downtime over the long run. SurgePure eliminates dirty power at its source by removing the spikes, surges and transients giving your electrical components a clean world to live in.

  • Removing surges, spikes and transients from your electrical system you will greatly enhance the life of all your equipment
  • SurgePure’s work 24/7 cleaning the power giving a fast ROI

SurgePure is designed to take multiple hi-energy surges and not degrade unlike conventional multi-element designs. Backed with a lifetime warranty, SurgePure is there to keep everything in your home or business protected even when facing a catastrophic event. No other power quality device offers catastrophic event protection. Moreover, SurgePure works 24/7 cleaning the power isolating your most sensitive digital equipment from dirty power loads such as motors.

When your AC/furnace unit turns on or off spikes are created that deteriorate your sensitive electronics. Digital loads do not like to see the spikes that are created from motors starting and stopping. SurgePure maintains computer-grade power to all circuits greatly extending all equipment life in your home. SurgePure provides safe long-term, total power system integrity and protection from major looming losses, and you get peace of mind knowing all your assets are protected.

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