Coming Soon: Linear Position/Tilt Sensor Combo from POSITAL

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September 9, 2022


Coming soon! POSITAL’s LINARIX family of linear sensors will soon include a new series of draw-wire position sensors with built-in inclinometers (also known as tilt sensors). These combo sensors will be available with an extension range of up to 8 meters (25 ft) plus one- or two-axis tilt measurement.

IP69K-rated housings and seals will be available to protect internal components from high-pressure water jets making them a great choice for booms trucks and other construction equipment that require regular washdowns. They will also be available with CANopen and J1939 communications interfaces.



Features and Benefits:


  • •Accurate – Linearity up to +/-0.2%
  • •CANopen and J1939 communications interfaces.
  • •Extension range of up to 8 metres (25 ft)
  • •One- or two-axis tilt measurement

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Contact your POSITAL team today for lab samples by clicking here or visit the Product Page by clicking here 


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