HANNOVER MESSE: Web Visualisation – Intuitive User Interfaces for Smooth Human-Machine Interaction


April 21, 2021

The requirements for modern user interfaces have changed considerably: Users increasingly expect functionalities such as mobile access, intuitive user guidance and features such as gesture control, multi-touch and multilingualism, even in a business context.

The use of web technologies enables the development of visualisations that meet all these requirements. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript in the frontend as well as client-server structures for content distribution have proven themselves across the board. Lenze offers a solution that is easy to use and provides the basis for user-friendly visualisation.

It includes the EASY UI Designer, an application for Windows computers that contains ready-made operating elements (“controls”) as well as templates for complete pages. The controls can be used in different designs, can be inserted into the visualisation via drag-and-drop and linked there with PLC variables. The OEM does not need specially trained web developers. In addition, the FAST UI runtime is required on a Lenze controller, which provides the necessary working power to easily master the communication of the visualisation data to the client in addition to the PLC control.

The OEM is free to choose the size, resolution and orientation of the display. The web visualisation can be projected in Responsive Design, which adapts to the available screen and enables the flexible use of mobile devices such as tablets. The EASY UI Designer comes with templates, e.g. for user management, the alarm system or even recipe management. The OEM can quickly adapt them to his corporate identity (CI) and his needs.

An intuitive visualisation with high user experience ensures smooth human-machine interaction. It helps the user to master the variety of functions and to be able to take remedial action quickly in the event of an error.


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