Yaskawa Motoman: FM-Approved MHP45L Handling Robot for Use in Hazardous Environments

December 11, 2020

The high-speed, six-axis MHP45L handling robot is Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Class 1, Division 1 use in hazardous environments.

Featuring a wide motion range, this robust robot is ideal for transferring large workpieces while avoiding interference with paint robots and other peripheral equipment. The MHP45L can streamline automated paint line layouts by eliminating the need for dedicated part transfer.

Highly reliable, the MHP45L offers a 45 kg payload capacity, as well as high moment and inertia ratings, for accommodating large, heavy workpieces such as automotive bodies and components. It features a 2,850 mm horizontal reach, 5,095 mm vertical reach and ±0.07 mm repeatability, easily processing multiple parts in various sizes.

Cables and air lines are routed through the robot base to upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time.

The robot can be floor-, wall-, ceiling- or shelf-mounted for layout flexibility, and is controlled by the powerful DX200-FM controller that utilizes an easy-to-use touch screen teach pendant. Standard networks like EtherNet, EtherNet IP, CC-Link and DeviceNet are supported, enabling connection to production line controllers.

DX200-FM controller is also FM-approved for use in hazardous environments. An intrinsically safe pendant is available as an option.

The DX200-FM controller is available with Category 3 Performance Level d (PLd) Functional Safety Unit (FSU), which supports safety-rated speed control, safety-rated soft axis and space limiting, and safety-rated monitor stop. In addition to facilitating safe operation in smaller and narrower work envelops with adjacent manual operations, these safety functions can be utilized to save costs and reduce floorspace requirements.


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