Festo Releases New DFPC Double Acting Linear Actuator

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Aug 11, 2021

Standard or application-adapted: Festo’s new DFPC actuator is a flexible pneumatic automation enabler.

Optimized for process applications, DFPC has been designed for actuating a wide selection of process valve types. It is ideal for demanding requirements in water- and wastewater treatment, the mining industry, power stations as well as the paper, pulp and steel industries.

Process engineers would much rather have a linear actuator fit their application than have to alter their project to accommodate one. Festo is giving them a choice with its new DFPC double acting linear actuator optimized for process applications: It’s available in either standard, preconfigured versions that are particularly cost-effective and delivered quickly from stock, or individually configurable versions. The latter can be ordered with different stroke lengths of the space bolts, piston rods of differing lengths, different thread types and diameters, even adapted for ATEX II 2GD certification.

DFPC has been specially designed for actuating process valves types such as gate, knife-gate and pinch valves, or valve bodies without housing. It’s ideal, for example, for the demanding requirements in water- and waste-water treatment, the mining industry, power stations as well as the paper, pulp and steel industries. The piston rods, screws, nuts and tie rods are made of stainless steel, while the cylinder barrels and end caps are made of aluminum. This ensures that the actuators have a long service life. The end-position cushioning on both sides enables high travel speeds.

There are interfaces for process valve to ISO 5210 and ISO 15552 with extended tie rods. Proximity switches, mountings for position sensing and Namur adapter plate are available as accessories. The DFPC is available currently with strokes of up to 1600 mm and in the sizes 80 to 200.

For more details on the new DFPC linear actuator, visit www.festo.com/us


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