Kit Encoder Product Finder Now Available from Posital

MC Kit Encoder Product Finder Now Available Posital 1 400

July 4, 2022


POSITAL’s line of kit encoders now has their own product finder! This simple to use tool makes it easy for all customers and distributors to explore the full range of this product line. Just like our other product finders, this tool will provide a wealth of specific product information in over 10 languages. Datasheets, product manuals, and technical drawings are all available for download with just a few clicks!

With over a million possible configurations available, the POSITAL Product Finders enable you to efficiently zero in on a sensor to meet your exact application requirements. Users can also be confident that they are working with up-to-date information as the database supporting the Product Finder is constantly being refreshed.

Kit Product Finder

  • •50 Years of Bit Parallel Encoder Production
  • •Customizable Mechanical Options
  • •High Speed Communication System
  • •Convenient Replacement Solutions


MC Kit Encoder Product Finder Now Available Posital 2 400

To learn more, visit Posital’s website by clicking here



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