Comau Showcases the Latest Innovations in Advanced Robotics and Digital Solutions at European Robotics Forum 2024

March 15, 2024

Comau Showcases the Latest Innovations in Advanced Robotics and Digital Solutions at European Robotics Forum 2024

Comau Showcases the Latest Innovations in Advanced Robotics and Digital Solutions at European Robotics Forum 2024

  • MI.RA/OnePicker: A fully automated, intelligent bin picking solution for heterogenous objects
  • Comau Open Controller: “Open” robot control with seamless integration to the customer’s PC optimizes workflow and facilitates customized control laws
  • MATE-XB and MATE-XT: Wearable exoskeletons for the lower and upper back to support workers during bending, lifting and overhead activities
  • Hands-on simulated welding training with the educational robot e.DO
  • Comau and Intrinsic will discuss how software-driven automation fueled by artificial intelligence is driving the creation of advanced robotic ecosystems

Comau will participate as a Platinum Sponsor at the 2024 edition of the European Robotics Forum (ERF), being held in Rimini (Palacongressi) from the 13th to the 15th of March, and organized by euRobotics. Specifically designed to encourage interaction between end-users, researchers, and technology experts, the event aims to foster scientific progress, improve industrial competitiveness, and identify new impactful application scenarios for robotics. As such, ERF is the perfect backdrop to unveil Comau’s new Comau Open Controller and the MI.RA/OnePicker intelligent bin picking solution. The company’s lightweight yet robust MATE-XT and MATE-XB wearable exoskeletons and its highly effective welding training solution, based on the e.DO™ educational robot and Seabery Soldamatic technology, will also be on display in Comau’s stands (28-29-34-35).

ERF represents a unique opportunity to experience state of the art technology and to see the latest research in the industry, starting with disruptive innovation in the field of advanced robotics. Comau’s Nicole Clement, Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions, and Torsten Kroeger, Chief Science Officer of Intrinsic – a robotics software and AI company at Alphabet, and industry partner of Comau – will give a keynote on Wednesday March 13 and will then join the Industrial Plenary Talk addressing concrete solutions to complex automation challenges that until now were not possible with traditional robotics.

“Confirming our leadership role in advanced automation solutions powered by digital technologies, Comau is introducing at this important industry event new products with integrated intelligence designed to make automation increasingly easier to use, especially within non-Automotive markets where automation is growing fast,” explained Comau’s CEO, Pietro Gorlier. “In doing so, we are helping to minimize the expertise gap while meeting diverse automation needs across a wide spectrum of industries and applications.”

Nicole Clement, Comau’s Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions, emphasized: “Thanks to the latest innovations here on display, as well as our participation in a variety of inspirational round tables, Comau’s presence at ERF represents concrete proof of the path the Company is forging with the development of advanced automation solutions based on next generation robotics and powered by digital technologies. Our technology portfolio introduced at ERF, and in some cases for the first time, ranges from intelligent piece picking solutions to ‘open’ robot control; from educational robotics, for the training of new generations, to wearable exoskeletons, for the workers’ wellbeing. As the automation paradigm changes, robotics must change with it, and we have done it”.

Comau technology in the spotlight:

MI.RA/OnePicker: Experience intelligent vision-based bin picking with Comau’s AI-based solution that autonomously picks generic, heterogeneous objects, reducing the need for manual and repetitive operations while increasing overall productivity and cost efficiency.

Comau Open Controller: With a larger screen, integrated 3D simulation and the ability to write applications, Comau’s new intelligent robot control helps optimize operations in even the most difficult production environments.

MATE-XT and MATE-XB: Comau’s upper body and lumbar exoskeletons assist the wearer during lifting, bending and repetitive tasks offering muscular relief and reduced perceived effort.

e.DO™ robotic welding training: Powered by Comau’s e.DO™ educational robot and Seabery Soldamatic technology, this highly calibrated and parameterized system creates the most realistic welding training experience aside from actual welding.

Finally, Comau will also participate in the AI and Robotics session with a series of presentations including:
Enabling Cognitive Robotics Through Autonomous Motion Planning and Model-Driven Intuitive Programming by Simone Panicucci, Comau Head of Cognitive Robotics (March 13, 11:50 am).

Empowering Robotics through Generative AI, by Alessandro Piscioneri, Comau Head of Product and Solution Management – Advanced Automation Solutions (March 13, 12pm)

Flexible Material Handling and Remanufacturing, by Alfio Minissale, Comau Advanced Automation Solutions – EU Project manager. (March 13, 2:40 pm). He will also hold the following workshops: HRC and AI, Hype or reality? From pilots to best practices (March 13, 4:40 pm) and Remanufacturing: sustainability trade-off between nature and industry (March 14, 2:30 pm)


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