Spartan Controls and Mechanical Advantage Announce New Agreement

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November 30, 2021


Spartan Controls is pleased to announce a new strategic distribution agreement with Mechanical Advantage Corporation—a master distributor of Sambo gear actuators in North America. This partnership will allow us to better serve the marketplace with highly engineered Sambo gears and provide greater access to stock in the Western Canadian region.

Manufactured in South Korea, Sambo specializes in high quality, high performance gear boxes. Their products include worm, spur, and bevel gear-operated actuators for gate and globe valves. Sambo gears are generally suitable for both manual and motorized applications, making them robust, and built to sustain high speeds and heat associated with electric actuation service.

“Partnering with Mechanical Advantage is a strategic addition to our portfolio of products and solutions that compliment our extensive valve product offering,” said Doug Ndewga, Vice President, Valves & Actuation, Spartan Controls. “This new partnership will enable Spartan to serve a broader set of applications, leveraging Sambo’s line of high-quality products to the industry.”

“We are very excited to work with Spartan Controls as our exclusive representative of the Sambo product line in Canada,” said Doug Zimmerman, President of Mechanical Advantage Corporation in Houston Texas. “Sambo is the finest manufacturer we have worked with in South Korea and has been the leading manufacturer of motorized and manual gears in the world. Coupled with the expertise that Spartan brings to this area, this combination of product, technical expertise and readily available inventory is a perfect match for our organization.”

Sambo gear features include:
• Manual
• Motorizable
• IP67 rated
• Spiral cut bevel to improve efficiency
• Top entry replaceable stem nut
• Size ranges to 7,300 KN thrust and 970,000 Nm torque
• New designs including subsea gears and temperature compensated gears


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