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MATCH. End-of-Arm-Ecosystem

Standardization Of the Robot Interface

March 16, 2023

End-of-Arm-Ecosystem – MATCH

MATCH. Standardization Of the Robot Interface

The MATCH series offers a unique potential for standardization: The MATCH robot module can be mounted on the most common types of robots and acts as a connection for the entire range of end effectors compatible with MATCH. The standardized robot connection flanges offer a high degree of flexibility in the choice of applications. The attached end effectors, regardless of whether they are grippers or suction cups, can be easily exchanged manually or automatically using the click system. Standardized and ready-to-connect solutions guarantee maximum system availability.

  • A system for lightweight robots, cobots and conventional robots
  • Automated changing in the device
  • Manual change with Easy-Click function
  • Large variety of end effectors
  • Compatibility & Flexibility – the main technologies for handling (vacuum and mechanical gripping) combined
  • Innovative digital ecosystem
  • Long service life, even in automated continuous operation
End-of-Arm-Ecosystem Standardization Of the Robot Interface

Plug & Work – Simplification of The Communication Interface

In addition to a uniform mechanical connection between the robot arm and end effector, MATCH also simplifies machine communication. The MATCH robot modules are available in the variants Digital I/O, IO-Link, or bring their own Smart Communication Module with them. MATCH supplies the required communication parameters to integrate robots from different manufacturers with the MATCH system via Plug&Work.

MATCH Ecosystem – Wide Selection of End Effectors

The MATCH portfolio includes a large selection of grippers from Zimmer Group. This is not only limited to use in lightweight robotics and human-robot cooperation, but is also suitable for use in industrial and heavy-duty robots. In addition to the grippers from the Zimmer Group, end effectors with vacuum technology from Schmalz are also compatible with the MATCH ecosystem. The MATCH ecosystem consists not only of the physical components, but also includes various software solutions: An app tailored to the respective robot manufacturer enables direct control and monitoring of the functions.

Complex Robot Applications with Automated Changing

The future of automated production envisages an increase in efficiency through the flexible use of a robot. This means that one and the same robot can carry out several different jobs on a workpiece by automatically changing the end effector. In addition, the standardization creates a simplification for operators and integrators.

In addition to an automated change of the end effector, the MATCH product range also enables the use of the same suction cup or gripper by different robot types and systems. The key components here are the MATCH robot modules, which are available for a large number of robots from the most common manufacturers.

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