Safety Switches with Guard Locking by Pilz

January 9, 2024

Safety Switches with Guard Locking

Work safely and productively – with safety switches from Pilz

Movable guards such as swing gates and sliding gates, flaps or covers, can be found in almost every application. If there are dangerous overrun movements, a safety locking device with appropriate manipulation protection in accordance with EN ISO 14119 is required. 

The safety gate cannot be opened until all hazardous machine movements are stopped. A restart is not possible until the safety gate is closed and locked. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the safeguards. 

Pilz safety switches with guard locking offer the right solution for both process and personnel protection – for safe, productive working.

Safe guard locking. Efficient production.

  • Comprehensive portfolio of switches offers a high level of flexibility during the machine design
  • Designed for all applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849 or SIL 3 of EN IEC 62061
  • Saves time and costs thanks to simple installation and the option for safe series connection with diagnostics
  • Protection against hazardous machine movements due to monitoring of safe interlocking and safe guard locking
  • High level of safety and productivity: manipulation protection prevents unwanted production interruptions; coding freely selectable
  • Individual safety gate solution tailored to the application
  • High availability and long service life of the sensors
Safety Switches with Guard Locking

Protect human and machine

Are you looking for the right safeguard for your movable guard? The question regarding the type of safeguard, the required locking device and the performance level are the basis for selecting the right safety locking device: 

Safety Switches with Guard Locking
Type of safeguard

Is it an accessible or a non-accessible safeguard? Accessible safeguards are generally larger swing and sliding gates; non-accessible safeguards are covers or flaps, for example.

Process guarding or safe guard locking 
Safety Switches with Guard Locking

The question regarding the type of guard locking depends on the stopping time. If the time to reach the danger zone is longer than the stopping time, process guarding is sufficient. If the intervention time is shorter than the stopping time, however, safe guard locking (personnel protection) is required.

Performance Level
Safety Switches with Guard Locking

The level of protection is defined in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or EN 62061. The key factors for this calculation, for example, are the severity of the potential injuries, frequency of exposure to the risk and ability to avoid the risks.

Need support with safety gate guarding?

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You will find solutions for monitoring safety gat3es with Pilz’s safety switches

Overview of Pilz safety switches with guard locking

Pilz offer a versatile portfolio of safety locking devices to safeguard movable guards. They provide economical and effective monitoring of doors in safety fences, as well as covers and flaps: 

TypePSENmech 5PSENslock 2PSENmlock miniPSENmlockPSENsgate
ApplicationsAccessible and non-accessible safeguardsAccessible and non-accessible safeguardsSmall non-accessible safeguardsAccessible and non-accessible safeguardsLarge accessible safeguards
Operating principleElectromechanicalTransponderTransponderTransponderTransponder
Guard locking principleNormally de-energised mode,​
normally energised mode
Normally de-energised modeBistable principleBistable principleBistable principle
Safety functionsProcess guarding, safe guard locking (personnel protection)Process guarding, safe guard locking (personnel protection)Safe guard locking (personnel protection)Safe guard locking (personnel protection)Safe guard locking (personnel protection)
Interlock classification to EN ISO 13849-1 (gate monitoring)PL c,
with fault exclusion PL d
PL e, Category 4PL d, Category 3PL e, Category 4PL e, Category 4
Guard locking classification to EN ISO 13849-1 (guard locking monitoring)PL c,
with fault exclusion PL d
PL c, Category 2PL d, Category 3PL e, Category 4PL e, Category 4
Holding forceFZH: 1500 NF1max: 1000/ 2000 N (process protection)F1max: 2000 N (personnel protection)1950 N (F1max: 3900 N)FZH: 7500 NFZH: 2000 N
Protection against manipulationLowUp to highUp to highUp to highUp to high
Auxiliary releaseIntegratedIntegratedIntegratedIntegrated
Escape releaseOptional (PSEN me5)OptionalIntegrated
Emergency unlockingOptional (PSEN me5)Optional

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Safe complete solutions for your safeguard

Reliable and efficient protection of safeguards includes not only the safety locking device but also an additional control unit and suitable wiring and control technology. Pilz safety sensors can be connected in series and are compatible with other products and interfaces. They perfectly fit into their plant environment and also enable Pilz components to be retrofitted to your plant.

Individual safety gate solution with access permission

  • Safety switches with guard locking for process and personnel protection 
  • Simple operation with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox, with integrated access management as an option 
  • Additional accessories: from compatible door handle to escape release 
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and status information with Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) 
  • Configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2

Pilz product range: Safety switches with guard locking


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