Powered Roller Conveyors Create Flexible, Streamlined Transport Systems from Robotunits

MC Powedered Roller Conveyor Robotunits 1 400

February 18, 2022

Robotunits has launched its Powered Roller Conveyor family of 24-V components designed to make it quick and easy for plant managers and control engineers to configure and build a complete transport system.

Fast turnover and aggressive production demands in today’s industrial manufacturing and material handling operations prohibit time loss for system teardown and assembly whenever production needs change. Powered Roller Conveyors solve this problem because the individual components and production zones feature a modular design and ready-to-use controllers to allow maximum flexibility for present and future system needs.

Providing precise and efficient transport of containers, totes and boxes, the Powered Roller Conveyor product range consists of straight and curved powered roller sections, lift stations, 90-degree transfer units and turntables.


Highlights of the Powered Roller Conveyor family include:

  • •Easy installation and integration into existing systems.
  • •Separate controllers for each zone with customization options.
  • •A pre-installed control unit and wiring inside each zone’s extrusion profile, enabling plug-and-play operation while creating a clean, modern aesthetic.
  • •Built-in zero-pressure accumulation (ZPA) logic.
  • •Simple modification and drop-in parts replacement.
  • •Seamless integration with Robotunits’ Modular Automation System and easy connection with our Linear Motion System, material handling components, safety fencing and machine frames.
  • •An easy-to-use Lift Station to transport objects on two levels of a production area, featuring high-speed operation, multiple drive options and motor positioning flexibility.


To enhance operator safety, Powered Roller Conveyors feature our patented finger guard technology. Finger Guards are built into each Poly-V roller. This safety feature is unique to the industry, because no other protective guards are necessary.

MC Powedered Roller Conveyor Robotunits 2 400





For more information about the Powered Roller Conveyor System, including Lift Stations, click here 


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