Flexiv Gains ‘World’s First’ CE and ETL Certification for ‘Force-Controlled Robot’

MC Flexiv Rizon Robot 1 400

December 8, 2021


Flexiv, a maker of “general-purpose” robotics, has received CE and ETL approval for their Rizon 4 robot, making it the “first-ever” seven-axis force-controlled adaptive robot to acheive both certifications at the same time, according to the company.

Demonstrating the “intrinsic safety” of the Rizon 4 robot, the CE and ETL approval was awarded by the world’s foremost testing, inspection, certification and assurance provider, Intertek. Accepted in the EU and Northern America, the approval enables Flexiv to distribute the Rizon 4 in the European Union, Canada, and the USA.

Meeting or exceeding the strict CE and ETL requirements, the Rizon 4 was subjected to hundreds of individual testing, evaluations, and assessments focused on machinery safety, electrical safety, functional safety, environmental reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, and collision detection.

During the testing, the Rizon 4 was also exposed to temperatures ranging from 0-45°C, dust particulates, and water jets from any direction. After passing the rigorous environmental tests, the Rizon 4 was awarded a rating of IP65, confirming its rugged environmental sealing.

To reach the required standards for certification, Flexiv invested heavily in the R&D process. Particular attention was paid to the functional safety plan, risk analysis, safety requirement specification, architecture design, design realization, verification, and validation. This resulted in the Rizon 4 qualifying for 18 safety functions that met EN ISO 13849 PLd functional safety requirements.

Further demonstrating the Rizon 4’s inherent safety, it also became the first robotic arm to pass the ISO/TS 15066 collision test at the “elbow” and “wrist” joints. This officially makes the Rizon 4 adaptive robot the world’s safest commercially available robotic arm.

Wang Shiquan, founder and CEO of Flexiv, says: “The CE and ETL certification is an essential regulatory milestone on Flexiv’s road to commercialization.

“With the Rizon 4 receiving certification, the industry has recognized the intrinsic safety and quality of our adaptive robot and laid the groundwork for future market expansion and application development.”

Empowered by artificial intelligence and a bio-inspired development process, the Rizon 4 is capable of the general assembly, precision manipulation, surface treatment, and mobile operation. Able to be meet the automation needs of a diverse range of industries, Flexiv’s Rizon 4 robot is ideal for use in the automotive, consumer electronic, agricultural, and medical sectors.


For more information, visit Flexiv here 

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