Banner Engineering: WLS28 Pro LED Strip Light with IO-Link and Pro Editor


June 29, 2021

The WLS28 LED strip light with IO-Link or Pro Editor capability has a sturdy aluminum housing and shatterproof windows, making it an ideal general-purpose LED light for machine, enclosure, or other industrial lighting applications. It features high quality illumination and indication from RGBW LEDs. The WLS28 Pro offers nineteen color options—including six white color temperatures for comfort and compatibility—for varied indication and inspection uses. It is available in six lengths, ranging from 145 mm to 1130 mm. Pick from clear or diffused lensed window and clear or diffuse flat window options.


  •    –   High quality illumination and indication from RGBW LEDs
  •    –   Six white color temperatures for comfort and compatibility
  •    –   13 color options for varied indication and inspection uses
  •    –   IO-Link gives full access to individual LED control, color, flashing, intensity, and animation settings, as well as advanced operating modes for displaying distance, count, time, and position 
  •    –   Available in six lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm
  •    –   Lensed models or choice of clear or diffuse window
  •    –   Banner’s Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colors and animations for control via three discrete outputs
  •    –   Offers illumination and multiple indication capabilities in a single device with EZ-STATUS


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