Government of Canada Supports Scale-up and Growth of Southern Ontario’s Manufacturing Sector

DCS FedDevCanada Supports Scale up Manufacturing Businesses 1 400

January 13, 2022

By Krystie Johnston


The manufacturing industry has shown great resilience despite the challenges of the last few years. By adapting to new technologies, production methods, marketing strategies, and business processes, it is becoming more competitive and transitioning to a greener economy. The Canadian government is working to ensure businesses and communities in every region of the country have the tools and support they need to recover, create new jobs, and to seize new opportunities to strengthen the economy. 

In a recent press conference, Minister Jaczek states that she is committed to economic growth and job creation in communities across the region. Southern Ontario is harnessing the power of advanced manufacturing processes to drive innovative and resilient growth to support industries across the Canadian economy. 

DCS FedDevCanada Supports Scale up Manufacturing Businesses 2 400

“We recognize the importance of being at the forefront with companies like these to develop smarter and greener products and processes. We will continue to ensure our economy is resilient, and that Canadians have access to the good jobs they need to support themselves and their families.” – Minister Helena Jaczek 

Jaczek announces that the government is providing $8.5 million dollars to four businesses in the region to help them compete globally and create jobs. The money will be distributed amongst four businesses in Ontario as follows:

A $3.5-million-dollar investment to Kevin Nicholds and his team at Equispheres Incorporated will accelerate the commercialization of aluminum powders used to produce high-precision, durable, and light weight parts that are used in areas such as semi-conductors, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing. This investment expects to create 55 skilled jobs across the Ottawa Region.

A $2.85-million-dollar investment to Margot Crump and her team at The Crump Group Incorporated will adopt first-in-Ontario manufacturing technologies to enhance productivity and scale-up into a 100,000 sq ft global food, safety initiative-certified space, to improve efficiency and expand into new markets. This investment expects to create 29 skilled jobs across the Brampton and Peel Regions.

A $1.4-million-dollar investment to Adam Cruickshank and his team at Fourmark Manufacturing will produce more environmentally conscious packaging containers for the food, beauty and health sectors. This investment expects to create 12 skilled jobs across the Oakville and Halton Region.

A $750,000 to John Rawlins and his team at Big-nano Corporation will scale-up production and commercialize their cutting-edge technology supporting the manufacturing of filters and surgical masks. This investment will make them one of the first suppliers in Canada to produce this raw material in significant volume. This investment expects to create 16 skilled jobs across the Cambridge and Waterloo Regions.

In total, these investments will create more than 110 new, high-skilled jobs and maintain more than 75 positions. 

The government knows the importance of creating jobs, and investments like this show their commitment to ensuring the Canadian economy and the businesses within it have the support they need to drive clean, resilient, and inclusive economic growth. Their support of these developments will position Canada as a leader in advanced manufacturing. These advancements will have positive results for the environment and help transition the country towards a green economy. Their continued investment in businesses and communities across Canada ensures a strong rebound from the COVID pandemic and will build a greener, more inclusive future for all Canadians. 

Some comments from the M.P.s in the Regions that received these contributions:

DCS FedDevCanada Supports Scale up Manufacturing Businesses 3 400


“Investments like this are part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that Canada’s economic recovery is green, is inclusive, and is innovative.” – Minister Anita Anand


DCS FedDevCanada Supports Scale up Manufacturing Businesses 4 400



“Our government knows the importance of investing in the Manufactuing sector to drive economic growth and grow a resilient economy for Canadians.” – M.P. Jenna Sudds

DCS FedDevCanada Supports Scale up Manufacturing Businesses 6 400



“We are working to help strengthen local supply chains, create good jobs, and drive a competitive and resilient future for all Canadians.” – M.P. Shafqat Ali


Congratulations again to these four recipients.




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