Common Misconceptions of Absence of Voltage Testers

An Electrical Safety Webinar You Don’t Want to Miss!

March 20, 2023

Common Misconceptions of Absence of Voltage Testers

Electrical safety will always be a top priority in the workforce. But as industry safety evolves, so should your processes and devices. Many are familiar with portable testers and test stations. But these traditional ways of testing cannot always ensure failproof safety for your workers. 

In this webinar, Panduit will: 

  • Address misconceptions and misunderstandings of absence of voltage testers
  • Break down the step-by-step process after the button is pushed
  • How AVTs can be a simple, reliable, and effective way of keeping your floor and its workers safe

As industry safety evolves, so should your processes and devices. In this Panduit hosted webinar, their product expert will answer three common misconceptions of AVTs. 

Absence of Voltage Testers are often mistaken as likely to fail safety functions. Panduit will walk you through what standards are met and related misconceptions. Many believe that AVTs are not reliable because of the simple push of a button to test for absence of voltage. During the webinar, you will learn the simple breakdown of what happens after the button push. 

And lastly, the misconception that test stations and portable testers are more trustworthy than Absence of Voltage Testers. Panduit will walk you through why Absence of Voltage Testers answer the demand for safety in the workforce in the most reliable way. 


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