Developing and Applying AI Skills

May 10, 2024

Developing and Applying AI Skills
Companies and educational partners came together at SCHUNK to discuss further training opportunities in the field of AI.

AI skills are urgently needed. But how do you get started?

Together with the region’s employment agencies, SCHUNK organized a networking event for companies and educational institutions interested about AI skills on February 1, 2024 on the topic “Artificial intelligence (AI) – my competitive advantage of tomorrow? Get trained now – use AI – shape the change!”. The platform brought together potential partners to identify qualification strategies and further training opportunities in the field of AI.

AI will change our economy, our working world and our way of life – the transformation has long since begun. AI skills and AI fields are developing rapidly and offering extensive opportunities, from diagnostics in medicine to new learning platforms in education and product manufacturing. AI will also play a growing role in terms of responsible environmental management.

AI skills are urgently needed. But how do you get started? What skills are required and how can employees be actively guided along this path to the future? At this networking event, AI pioneers spoke about their experiences and presented examples of best practice. A total of 19 partners participated in an exhibition, inviting visitors to find out more about further training and funding opportunities. The program also included a tour of the CoLab robot application center, where participants learned how SCHUNK is paving the way into automation for its customers with the help of gripping technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Approaching AI with an open mind

The AI network meeting was also an informative marketplace in AI application areas. Experiences and practical know-how were exchanged in the spirit of partnership. As a forward-looking employer, SCHUNK is determined to lead the way and believes it has a responsibility to share knowledge and actively support its own employees with further training and development opportunities.

“We want to create openness for new technologies,” says SCHUNK CTO Timo Gessmann. “For us, sharing our knowledge and experience is a matter of course. AI affects us all – regardless of the industry,” says Timo Gessmann, emphasizing the partnership concept at SCHUNK. SCHUNK is also taking its own employees on the AI journey. “In our TechTalks, we share our experiences and learn from each other.”

Developing and Applying AI Skills
Professor Nicolaj Stache explained the principles of artificial intelligence and provided insights into the research work at Heilbronn University’s AI lab.

The AI network is growing

Interest was high and the event was quickly booked out. A total of 71 participants from companies in the region and from a wide range of industries had registered – from the automotive industry to assembly, and connection technology to electrical engineering. They were eagerly awaiting the keynote speech by AI expert Professor Nicolaj Stache from Heilbronn University as well as the best-practice presentation by Dr. Robert Rost, Managing Director of XACTOOLS, who reported on the use of AI in the quality inspection of indexable inserts.

A total of 19 educational partners were part of the AI exchange platform, contributing to its success. This included Applied AI, DHBW, TUM, the Fraunhofer Institute ISI, Heilbronn University, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and Ipai. They all brought along offers that companies could utilize to empower and support their employees in the use of AI and AI skills, with the aim of successfully implementing their development projects in the field of artificial intelligence in a spirit of partnership.


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